Bovey family surprised with a gift from Heslin Family Foundation

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Ryan and Stacey Johns live in Bovey, MN with their four children, their daughter Aria, had cancer in 2019. The Johns moved into a very small house that has stood for the last century, but it was barely livable. Their plan was to build their dream home, but Aria’s cancer led to financial struggles.

Stacey had to quit her job to take care of Aria and the other children. However, the medical bills meant the family had to put off on their dream home plans. However, Aria’s uncle, Justin Nelson had tried to raise money to help, and he connected with Shari Sweetnam. “She interviewed Stacey and Ryan about their home and she gave me a call and she said, we send a lot of people on trips.” Nelson said. “But I can’t help but think that this would be so much more meaningful and helpful to them and than just sending them on some trip.”

Shari helped Aria and her family make a connection with the Matt and Coral Heslin, of the Heslin Family Foundation. “Carl and Matt Heslin started a family foundation. They’re complete strangers to these people. And, you know, they just have a huge heart and they just wanted to help this family.” Shari said. They were more than happy to help the Johns with some of their financial struggles. But what the family really needed was a new home.

On Sunday, April 16th, Shari along with Justin and Abigail Nelson surprised the Johns family with the news that they were receiving a new home. Matt and Coral Heslin sent a video message saying the family is in their thoughts and hope they enjoy the gift. “Daddy why are you crying?” Aria asked. “We’re going to get a new house.” Ryan said. “Can we bring our pictures?” “Yeah, we can bring all of them.”

Shari brought the plan to the Heslin Family Foundation board of directors where the idea was passed unanimously, and the project began. While the construction will take several months to complete, the family is excited for their new home. For more information on the Heslin Family Foundation you can look here. For another story you can read you can look here.