Blizzard Tour raises record $1.9 million

The 2023 Black Woods Blizzard Tour raised a record $1.9 million for ALS patients, their caregivers, and research efforts.

The organization had set a goal to raise $1.75 million through year-round fundraising efforts and the three-day snowmobile ride across northern Minnesota. This year, there were three routes, 265 riders, and even a waitlist.

The funds support various ALS programs, like the HEALEY Trial currently going on as Essentia Health in Duluth. It’s run through Massachusetts General Hospital. Money also goes directly to people with ALS and their caregivers.

“If you happen to get this terrible disease of ALS, you now have the best chance of beating this because we are changing the projection of ALS,” Never Surrender President David Kolquist said.

The 2023 money brings the total raised over 24 years of the Blizzard Tour to $17 million.