Bent Paddle gets spicy with new brew

Duluth’s Best Bread collaboration with Bent Paddle

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Something new and festive is brewing at Bent Paddle brewing company.

In collaboration with Duluth’s Best Bread, the brewery introduced Duluth’s Best Bread pumpkin spice croissant porter.

Bent Paddle staff describe it as a decadent beer with the irresistible essence of DBB’s pumpkin spice croissants.

Owner of Duluth’s Best Bread, Robert Lillegard said “In general, we like collaborating with craft breweries, distillieres, cideries, etc, because there’s so much flavor knowledge in this city.”

Along with Bent Paddle Brewing, several other Duluth breweries and cideries, including Canal Park brewing company, Duluth Cider, Fitger’s brewhouse, and Warrior brewing are also participating in the city-wide initiative to create their own inspired beverages in collaboration with Duluth’s Best Bread.