Badges, Balls & BBQ brings the bats to Wade Stadium

It’s the one night of the year that cops and firefighters are working against eachother… it’s the annual Guns & Hoses softball tournament. But there’s a new spin this year, with a whole new name: Badges, Balls & BBQ.

This is the 13th annual tournament, with participation from the Duluth Fire and Police Departments. All the money raised goes right back to the Northern Lights Foundation in the Northland.

“It is really your public safety folks who are out here every day out here, and this event to raise money for an organization that gives grants to families that have children with life threatening illnesses, I think that is is really a great organization and especially pairs very well with public safety,” shared Lt. Matt McShane of DPD.

Firefighter Andrew Olson called it a great cause. “It’s a great thing to be playing for and having fun playing baseball. And we’re raising money for childhood cancers and families that really could use that money.”

While there’s lots of fun and games, there’s still some friendly competition.

“I think we’ve lost it twice in all the years that we’ve been doing this in the fire,” explained McShane. “Last year, fire beat us in the final game. So they were looking for a little vindication this year.”

For Olson, it was all about confidence.

“They look pretty legit. They got actual jerseys and hats and usually we’re kind of a ragtag group, but I still like our chances.”

And the champions are… check back when we find out!