Bachelor Party helps to rescue Saint Bernard from mud

A bachelor party transformed into a rescue crew. They were canoeing along when they spotted a dog stuck in the mud on the river bank.

One of the men was Mitch White, who told us, “My Nephew, Gaylen, found him first, and he first thought it was a bear.”

Ed the Saint Bernard was in the mess up to his neck.

“Then we were all thinking about how to get him out, and we decided to start digging with our paddles which was pretty difficult because the mud was so thick.”

After about 30 minutes, it was clear this wasn’t working. Plus they were concerned as the dog was so tired from being stuck in the mud.

They called the Fire Department for help, who brought a harness to lift the dog.

The Fire Department was able to get in contact with Ed’s owner, and he is now safe at home.