Auto repair shops face supply chain issues, taking longer to fix cars

Auto repair shops face supply chain issues, taking longer to fix cars

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The auto repair industry is still facing issues fixing cars, but has mild weather help them catch up on repairs? Several auto repair shops are seeing supply chain issues for a variety of reasons, stretching back to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Eric Nelson, the Manager of Twin Ports Collision Repair, said fixing a car could take several weeks or months.

“Usually we are booked up couple of few months. Now a lot of body shops are but it’s been pretty steady,” Nelson said. “But you never know what’s going to happen though. Just yesterday alone at two big deer in the afternoon dropped off.”

When it comes to a car crash, you worry about damages, but also not having a car in the meantime. Nelson also said it’s essential to have rental insurance so there is a car you can drive while your vehicle is getting repairs.

“The vehicles are just very complex these days and takes a lot longer to repair them. One thing I got to say is it’s just always good to carry rental coverage on your policy. Because you never know, if a deer could step out in front of you. It’s pretty quick.”

Tim Olsen, the owner of Tim’s Auto Care Center said right now waitlist for changing car tires is three weeks out.

“We are busy with this mild weather. It could be busier, but with the COVID and supply chains, not getting parts with the strike all the shops are really busy,” Olsen said. “Since COVID, everybody’s fixing all the older cars and can’t buy new cars. It’s really hard out there for customers to find new cars or other cars, so everything’s being fixed”

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