Ask the experts: Opioid awareness event

Douglas County drug prevention

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An ‘Ask the Experts’ event about opioid awareness was conducted Thursday night at the Superior High School.

A panel of local experts had an open discussion on the dangers of drug and opioid use.

Social worker, Jane Larson said there is an opioid epidemic in Douglas county and nationwide and that despite sincere education efforts, opioid use and misuse continues to grow.

She says that’s in part due to misconceptions being spread. “I think there’s some myths out there, especially with young people that if it’s a medication, it can’t be bad for you. So if it’s a prescription from a doctor, how could that be harmful because they’re prescribing it. But they don’t understand the addictive nature necessarily of pain medications, opioid medications.”

Larson is also the chair of Douglas county drug prevention coalition. She said Thursday night’s panel included experts from Essentia health, Vivant health, the Superior police department, Douglas county health and human services, and the Douglas county attorney.

The program is funded by an opioid grant from the state of Wisconsin.