Ashley Thaemert comes in first in the Beargrease 40 mile

Ashley Thaemert takes the first win of the Beargrease season as the winner of the Beargrease 40 mile race.

Ashley’s total time racing came to 02:56:02. The 40 mile race finished up in Two Harbors.

The full top five of the 40 mile include:

  • 1st (414) Thaemert, Ashley. Time En Route: 2:56:02
  • 2nd (409) Nechuta, Derek. Time En Route: 3:02:18
  • 3rd (401) Stead, Ann. Time En Route: 3:11:13
  • 4th (404) Santi, Brynn. Time En Route: 3:20:30
  • 5th (408) Amat, Ben. Time En Route: 3:26:56

As of Sunday WDIO is still waiting for teams to finish the 120 mile and the full marathon.