Apartments taking shape inside Historic Old Central High School

Every day, and every hour, crews are changing the Historic Old Central High School more and more.

The project and future building will be known as the Zenith DCHS, a nod to the name of the yearbook at the original school.

It’s been being converted into 122 apartments.

Kraus-Anderson Duluth gave WDIO a tour on Wednesday. About 50 subcontractors are on site right now, finishing up the demolition phase.

Some of the framework of the apartments is starting to take shape.

The former board room is going to be a beautiful commons area.

Still, original touches will remain, like some of the original carvings and railings. The lockers are also staying.

Saturday Properties is the developer, and AWH Architects is the designer. K-A Duluth leaders said it’s been a great collaboration.

Dan Markham, Director of Operations, has been a Duluthian his whole life. “Personally, it’s exciting to be involved with this project. Professionally, there are more eyes on this project than any other in the city, except maybe the hospital down the road. But this has such a historical significance. We understand how important it is to the citizens of Duluth. We are building something for the future, but are stewards of this amazing resource.”

Built in the 1892, the building was put up for $500,000. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The renovation now will be close to $30 million.

The plan is to have the renovation complete at the end of 2023.