Antique autos, hot rods, and racecars at Motorhead Madness

Antique autos, hot rods, and racecars at Motorhead Madness

From Antique Autos, to Hot Rods, and even Racecars, there's plenty to see down at the DECC for Motorhead Madness this weekend.

On Saturday March 23rd through the 24th it’s Motorhead Madness and there’s plenty to see down at the DECC. From antique autos, to hot rods, even racecars, people with a passion for cars can show off their hard work.

Dick Lombardi, a resident in Duluth said he’s spent the last couple of years building a scooter out of 1970’s Volkswagen Beatle fenders.

“For years I worked on Volkswagen Beetles. It’s a hobby, I always liked it,” Lombardi said. “So I’m getting older and so I’m reducing the size of the projects. I’ve been a hot rod builder for years. All my friends are hot rodders. I’m 77 years old. So these are about a year apiece, that I can handle.”

The creativity goes far beyond antique autos, hot rods, and smaller vehicles. Jeanette Olson, another Duluth resident said rebuilding a car is a wonderful bonding experience for families.

“If you don’t get the younger generation interested in those vehicles, they will disappear,” Olson said. “If they don’t have a personal connection to them, they won’t be around in another generation or two. It’s very important to keep that history of the auto world alive.”

Mike Podgornik, one of the co-owners of Motorhead Madness said the first day is always the busier than the second day. Although if people are preparing for next year’s event, they need to plan in advance.

“Registration starts typically right around November and we start signing them up about then. It starts kind of slow and then it ramps up real fast,” Podgornik said. “This year, we had 150 cars, we were full way ahead of time and we had a waiting list. We could probably do double this if we had the space but there’s no space.”

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