Anglers gearing up for Minnesota Fishing Opener weekend

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Anglers gearing up for the MN fishing opener are excited to get out on the waters, but there’s still some concerns. Even though warmer temperatures have helped with melting ice on the lakes, the water temperatures are still cold. Also Minnesota’s minnow shortage from the late start to spring has impacted the amount of bait available for anglers gearing up for the weekend.

Matt King, the owner of Fisherman’s Corner talked about how anglers gearing up for the weekend should prepare. “I like to put a waterproof type box in my boat. I put matches in there, lighter, fire starters, things like that. First aid kit I always have in there, flares aren’t bad either.” King said. “Even if you’re not going out on the, Great Lakes, it’s still something nice to have. And if you go out on the Great Lakes, you got to have a means of communication.”

King also talked about how plenty of anglers gearing up for the weekend, will be jumping at the chance to launch their boat as soon as possible. “Be patient at the boat launches. Everybody has a first time getting out. There’s you know, we’re not all in sync at once and just be patient and help each other out. It’ll help. It’ll make things go faster.”

Michael Wallendorf, one of the many anglers gearing up for the Minnesota Fishing Opener talked about his plans. “I’ve loved fishing for as long as I can remember. So going back to five or six years old, I caught my first pike and I was just I was hooked.” Wallendorf said. “My plan, is to try to fish some of the local lakes around here in Duluth, fishing shallow for largemouth bass. I’m not really going to try the walleye game until the water warms up to about 50-55 degrees. Right now, they’re deep, they’re hugging bottom. They’re going to be sluggish. So spawning large mouth bass is going to be the deal.”

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