3 people killed in Hermantown plane crash

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Three people died when a Cessna 172 crashed into a home in Hermantown late Saturday night. The sole three survivors of the crash were a couple as well as their cat. The jarring scene had many in the local community in absolute shock. Next door neighbor, Andy Wyatt David, recounted the grim scene.

“I heard a loud pop. So I just kind of ran to react to the situation and make sure they were okay. There was a lot of debris. There was a lot of insulation floating around. So it was difficult to kind of see them through that fog and, I saw some pieces of the plane all around the ground.”

Recounting the horrifying site of the plane crash, David continues, recounting seeing the couple in the debris.

“They were standing upright. They were okay, but they were not able to really move because they weren’t sure what was safe, what was not safe to touch or walk on. And I let them know that there were folks coming, and we could hear the sirens and they arrived from the air.”

One of the survivors of the crash, Jason Hoffman, recounted what he saw the moment the plane crashed into his home.

“We were in bed. The plane hit directly above our bed, anywhere around 18 to 20 inches, directly above our heads. So the ceiling did fall down on my legs, but light bruising. We woke up to the sound of what appeared to be a bomb going off. I thought at first that the furnace had exploded. The dust was pretty intense from the insulation. After I was able to find a flashlight, as soon as I turn it on, I noticed that there was no roof left in the house. That’s when I saw an airplane wheel sitting next to the bed.”

Hermantown Communications Director of the City, Joe Wicklund, stated that updates and investigation are pending surrounding this accident.