Advice on how to avoid the emergency room during the 4th of July holiday

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Fireworks, family, and fun. That’s usually the plan for many people across the Northland during the 4th of July.

But Dr. Dylan Wyatt, an emergency room doctor, said there are things that can land you in the hospital.

“We see a fair number of fireworks-related injuries, through the whole month of July. Injuries to hands, eye injuries, and a lot of burns,” Wyatt said.

Although those seem like they’d be dominating the type of diagnosis in the ER, another big problem is drunk driving.

“Actually the most common injures we see are from motor vehicle crashes,” Wyatt added. “So plan a sober ride.”

He added that kids should not handle fireworks. You can find some alternatives, like UV/blacklight bubbles, glow sticks, and silly string.