Advice about ammunition: hunters should start looking and buying now

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Hunting season is around the corner. And certain kinds of ammunition remains in short supply for some.

At Fisherman’s Corner in Pike Lake, they said things are much better than last year. But you should still start buying now, and not wait till the last second.

That’s the same advice in Grand Rapids, at Glen’s Army Navy, where they are still waiting for $5 million dollars worth of inventory that’s been ordered.

Owner Rusty Eichorn weighed in, saying it might be more challenging than even the past couple of years.

“I should have 500-1000 boxes of 30-06 in my warehouse or store in a typical year. I have 20 boxes, and they’ll be gone by the end of the week,” he told us. They normally have 40 feet worth of shelving full of ammo. Now it’s about 12 feet of shelving.

Eichorn believes it’s a combination of factors, and that the supply chain has not recovered from the pandemic, panic buying, Remington closing down, and the election.

Plus, there are more people buying firearms. “There were 20 million background checks so far this year. We’re on pace to be one of the top 3 or 4 background check years ever. And they are buying firearms, and could be buying more than one,” Eichorn said.

And Eichorn said Russia used to be a supplier of ammunition as well.

So again, the advice is for hunters to start hunting for that ammunition now.