Adaptive yoga for all

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Check out how Courage Kenny makes yoga an accessible activity for everyone.

“My experience with adaptive yoga is it gives me so much, and it gives me so much that I can give to other people. And I am so grateful for that, just to come and be with my friends, with my friends that have M.S. multiple sclerosis,” says Tim Nesgoda, a participant with Courage Kenny’s adaptive yoga class.

What Courage Kenny does is unlike most places, making activities accessible for all people of all ability levels. Adaptive Yoga classes are available and are unique in that they are designed to help people sustain functional gains. Regardless of your age, or your skill level, this is a class designed to deepen the connection between the mind and body by focusing on the experience or sensation within each pose, rather than achieving a certain physical shape. Folks like Tim feel its great because it is appropriate for anyone with disability or chronic illness, and best part, no  previous yoga experience is needed. To find out more about Courage Kenny, click here: