AAA: Busy travel year ahead

Travel has been rebounding since the pandemic, and this year is set to be no exception.

Gene LaDoucer, the Regional Appearance Director of AAA explains, “Ever since the pandemic, we’ve seen people re-prioritizing travel and experiences.”

AAA predicts that 84% percent of Minnesotans plan to travel in the next year and one third plan to take a spring vacation.

“Things are going to be busy out there, and if you haven’t plan yet, you should probably do so soon.”

LaDoucer recommends booking anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance to make sure you get the experience you’re seeking.

He says that travel industry was hit hard during the pandemic. Many business are still to rehire the employees they laid off.

Cruises are seeing the biggest growth since before the pandemic at 29% year over year growth.

Therefore, many cruises are already booked out through the year.