A south shore campground as unique as Bayfield

South Shore Series: Reinvented Apostle Islands area campgrounds

South Shore Series: Reinvented Apostle Islands area campgrounds

Our WDIO news south shore series has taken us from Superior, to Port Wing, to Washburn, to Ashland, and out onto the Bayfield peninsula.

We’ve highlighted many interesting places and stories and here’s yet another one.

Imagine visiting somewhere and falling in love with it so much that you decide to pull up roots, move there and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new business.

That’s what Zach and Jennifer Krivoshein did when they took over and reinvented the Apostle Islands area campground.

There’s tent camping, RV spots with full hook ups, rustic cabins and some cabins designed and built around a private swim pond with disneyland-like creativiity.

Jennifer Krivoshein told us, “We wanted these cabins to represent all kinds of things you can find around Lake Superior.” They have a cabin in the shape of a lighthouse, one that represents the Meyers Beach sea caves, there’s a pirate ship, and, of course, a tugboat, which we see regularly on Lake Superior.

Husband Zach Krivioshein said they stayed at the campground when they first visited the Bayfield area back in 2017. Coincidently the campground was up for sale and they decided to take a leap of faith.

“This area is just really special,” Zach said with a smile. “The people here are incredible, it just draws people to Bayfield. From Lake Superior to all of our beautiful orchards that are surrounding our campground, it’s just really something special.”

The Apostle Island area campground is a place you really have to see to believe. While the 2023 camping season is wrapping up, the Kriviosheins invite you to come visit them next spring, summer and fall and let your imagination soar along the south shore.