35 rescued after being stranded on broken ice on Upper Red Lake

UPDATE: The Beltrami County Sheriff’s office has confirmed that all 35 individuals were evacuated from the ice to the shore shortly after 8:00 PM Sunday night after an ice chunk separated on Upper Red Lake.

Beltrami County Deputies and and several other emergency responders arrived on scene and an airboat was used in the evacuation process.

No injuries were reported and there was also no report of anyone falling in the water.

“The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office reminds those who venture on the ice that the unseasonably warm weather combined with recent rain have resulted in inconsistent ice conditions,” explained Chief Deputy Jarrett Walton. “At least four inches of clear new ice is recommended for walking. Ice can never be considered 100% safe. If you become stranded on the ice, call for help. We would rather have trained responders assist than someone falling in the water.”

ORIGNAL STORY AS FOLLOWS: Beltrami County is responding to an emergency taking place on Upper Red Lake. Approximately 40-50 people are stranded on the ice that has broken away from shore. Responders are working to get everyone safely back to shore. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office this is all due to unsafe ice conditions.

In a press release the Sheriff’s Office says, “Strong winds caused the ice to shift. We thank all of the many dedicated emergency responders who are yet again assisting fishermen stranded on Upper Red Lake. Upper Red Lake is a very popular fishing destination, frequently utilized before ice is stable resulting in the need to rescue people either from falling through the ice or floating on ice floats.”