25th annual Homegrown Music Festival begins

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To kick off the 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival, Mayor Emily Larson spoke at an opening ceremony at Hoops Brewing. “I, Emily Larson, Mayor of the City of Duluth officially proclaim with this beautiful chalice filled with Emily’s extra dank the official start of the 2023 homegrown music festival”. Homegrown Music Festival first began in 1999, and today its now a weeklong event with enough fun for everyone.

Jer Baert, a resident in Duluth talked more about how the 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival is so much more than music. “It’s about the community jumping in and just being a part of it. Everybody’s welcoming and it’s about being together and enjoying our culture.” Baert said. “Part of the best thing about Homegrown is discovering the bands. There’s so much variety. And so that’s one of the things I learned is about new musicians that I’m not familiar with.”

According to other residents in the area the 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new experiences. Andrew Watson, the DJ for Darren Sipity talked more about his experiences with the week-long festival. “Last year was my first homegrown that I ever attended. This is the first one that I’m part of.” Watson said. “When you have everybody gathering, kind of moving as a pack from one venue to another it creates a certain camaraderie that I felt gravitated towards my first time being there last year. I wanted to be part of it, whatever way I could.”

Of course, the 25h annual Homegrown Music Festival wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of volunteers. Rob Cavanaugh, one of the volunteers talked more about why it’s so special. “We’ve got something very special here. And to be a part of that is fantastic.” Cavanaugh said. “Come to homegrown and have fun. And if you’re not having fun, well come back because there’s fun to be had. Get your friends here and have a good time. I really want this event to happen for as long as it possibly can.”

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