2024 Minnesota Snowplow naming contest winners unveiled

Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan were at the Cedar Truck station Tuesday afternoon to help reveal the winners in this year MnDOT Snowplow naming contest.

The Northland is in District 1, which will get Dolly Plowton.

The eight winners below are listed in order of popularity. MnDOT says more than 32,500 people voted in this year’s contest.

  • Taylor Drift (District 2 – Northwest Minnesota)
  • Dolly Plowton (District 1 – Northeast Minnesota)
  • You’re Killin’ Me Squalls – (District 6 – Southeast Minnesota)
  • Clark W. Blizzwald (District 3 – Central Minnesota)
  • Waipahinte “Snowplow” (District 8 – Southwest Minnesota)
  • Beyonsleigh (District 4 – West Central Minnesota)
  • Barbie’s Dream Plow (Metro District)
  • Fast and Flurious (District 7 – South Central Minnesota)

During the announcement, it was revealed that Taylor Drift was this year’s top vote-getter. Waipahinte, is the Dakota word for “snowplow.” This is the first indigenous name chosen since the contest began.

MnDOT says there were over 8,000 snowplow names submitted throughout the month of December. That number was then narrowed down by the MnDOT staff to 50 finalists. The eight most popular names will be put on MnDOT snowplows.  You can read a list of the top 50 finalists, here.

This is MnDOT’s fourth Name a Snowplow contest. “Clearopathra” was the name chosen for District 1 in 2022/23. District 1 received “Duck Duck Orange Truck” in 2020-21 and “No More Mr. Ice Guy” in 2021-22.