2023 marks 11-year high in Duluth opioid overdose deaths

The Duluth Police Department says its officers have responded to 37 opioid overdose deaths in the city so far in 2023. That marks an 11-year high.

In 2022, the DPD says there were 35 overdoses. They are encouraging people to access available resources to prevent fatal overdoses.

“Resources include recovery support services, mental health services, and harm reduction services such as access to free fentanyl test strips and Narcan,” Lt. Dave Drozdowski said.

Officers say fentanyl is a major contributor to both fatal and nonfatal overdoses. People can get free fentanyl test strips at the Clearpath Clinic, Harm Reduction Sisters, and Rural AIDS Action Network.

Narcan is also a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose. DPD officers have used it 110 times as of Nov. 7, 2023. Out of those 110 times, 105 were effective.