2023 International Ice Cross Race Practice

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The ice-crossers will hit the slopes in what will be an epic competition this weekend called: The International Ice Cross Race at Mont du Lac Resort. Today was the practice round for the ice-crossers from around the world.

“So today is the first chance that all of our riders have a chance to get on the track, get a feel for it, and get as many practice runs as possible before their time. We have trials tomorrow,” says TJ Aubrecht, Vice President of the U.S. Ice Cross Association.

For those unaware, the sport is better known as, “Red Bull Crashed Ice,” but in the last four years it has been rebranded and is now the, “Ice Cross Downhill.”

“The race is open to anybody who wants to register and come out and try it. So again, it’s from riders all around the world. It’s the first stop of the North American tour this year. So after this, they’ll go to Canada, they’ll go to Maine, and then they go and travel off into Europe,” finishes Aubrecht.

The event is free, Saturday January 28th is the main event, and Sunday January 29th is the kids competition.