Walz removes 4-year degree requirement for most state government jobs

On Monday, Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order that will eliminate the college degree requirements for around 75% of state government jobs. Gov. Walz signed Executive Order 23-14 on Monday afternoon.

Walz noted that “we have an ever-changing economy” and “people gain experience in many different ways,” making a four-year degree just one of the ways in which people acquire the skills needed for state jobs.

Part of the order will also direct human resources managers and offices to shift their focus to allow applicants with relevant experiences and skills to be able to compete for jobs even if they don’t have a four-year degree. The governor also said the four-year degree requirement is a barrier that is affecting more people nowadays given the rising costs but historically has had a greater impact on people of color.

According to Walz’s office, the move will open job opportunities and expand the state’s workforce while making it easier for people in Minnesota to choose state service.

Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Erin Campbell says the state has around 700 new job postings every month and currently has around 1,500 open.