Owner reunited with lost diamond ring found at Rogers wastewater treatment plant

(KSTP) A lost diamond ring found at the Rogers Wastewater Treatment Plant is now reunited with its owner, according to a news release from the Metropolitan Council.

The Met Council announced in April that workers had found a unique, gold ring “with a bunch of diamonds.” They then asked people who think the ring could be theirs to describe it and send in photos.

Hundreds of people contacted the Met Council, hoping the lost ring was theirs. Only one photo looked similar, so two jewelers compared the ring to the photo and confirmed it to be a match, according to the release.

The owner of the ring is set to speak during a news conference Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Back in March, a maintenance crew was working on a piece of equipment that separates large and heavy items from the wastewater when a technician spotted a shiny object in the sand and grit and discovered that it was a diamond ring.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Council said they know the ring entered the wastewater stream near Rogers.

The Rogers facility opened in the 1960s, so he said it is possible the ring could have been trapped in debris for decades.