Kayaker Thieves Booked On Felony Charges

Two suspects have been booked in connection to the robbery of a kayaker traveling the full length of the Mississippi River.

Manny Forge was paddling the Mississippi from Lake Itasca down to the Golf of Mexico. While stopping in Clearwater, Minnesota, several of his items were stolen including his tent, sleeping bag, solar panels and water purification items.

Investigators got a tip detailing the suspect’s name and a pawn shop in the St. Cloud area and were able to locate the stolen items. Law enforcement tracked down the suspects and arrested 29-year-old Ciera Veches and 38-year-old Justin Longfield.

Veches faces charges on felony possession of stolen property, felony drug charges and felony theft. Longfield faces charges of felony theft and felony possession of stolen property.

Both face court dates in November.

KSTP- TV contributed to this report.