Minnesota Republicans roll out public safety proposal

House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth, Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson and other Republican leaders in the legislature walked through parts of their proposal during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

The package includes proposals to confront criminal threats, strengthen police and improve their training as well as measures to hold judges and prosecutors accountable.

Republicans said their focus is on making sure the most violent offenders and repeat offenders are held accountable.

Other parts of their proposal would create a new specific crime for carjackings, increase penalties for fleeing police, putting the same weight thresholds on fentanyl as heroin currently has and increase punishments for anyone who gives a gun to an ineligible person.

“Minnesotans are concerned about public safety and so are Senate Republicans. We are committed to help police do their jobs, ensure our laws are enforced, and hold criminals accountable for crimes committed in our communities,” Republican Minority Leader Mark Johnson (East Grand Forks) said.

House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth (Cold Spring) added, “We have a crime epidemic. Meanwhile, Democrats are going out of their way to avoid getting tough on criminals, and their priorities seem more focused on the rights of the offenders than the rights of victims. This is appalling. Minnesotans have a right to safe communities, and that starts with policies to confront the criminal threat, support our police, and hold our judges and prosecutors accountable.”

The proposals will face an uphill battle in the Legislature, however, as the DFL holds slight majorities in both chambers.