Minneapolis police search for suspects in backyard shooting that left 1 dead and 6 wounded

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Police were searching Saturday for two suspects following a shooting in Minneapolis that left one man dead and six other people injured.

The shooting happened Friday night in a backyard where people had gathered for a punk rock show. Early information indicates that two suspects walked up the alley, gunfire erupted and they fled on foot, authorities said.

Police believe one of the people at the show was targeted by a shooter, Police Chief Brian O’Hara said during a news conference. He added that police have yet to confirm that there were two shooters.

When police responded, they found multiple people with gunshot wounds. They also learned that some people with gunshot wounds had taken themselves to the hospital.

The man who died has yet to be identified, and police said one of the wounded men sustained life-threatening injuries.

“It’s like normal one second, and then shots fired. And everybody hit the ground,” Quinn McClurg, who was at the show, told Minnesota Public Radio. “The next I was — I can’t even conceptualize something like that happening at a punk show. I was making sure all my friends are OK and making sure people are getting the help they needed.”