Gov. Walz highlights $300M for public safety across Minnesota

In a statewide conference with the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association, Governor Tim Walz spent time Wednesday discussing his public safety plan that gives $300 million to agencies across Minnesota.

“Sheriffs and law enforcement officials are integral to the safety and well-being of every community. They know their communities best and deserve full support from the state,” said Governor Walz. “After advocating for this funding for years, I’m excited we are investing $300 million in public safety departments across the state. Whether it’s Brainerd, Duluth, or the Twin Cities, this funding will directly help local public safety officials with recruiting, training, equipment, and officer wellness.”

The public safety plan was recently passed by the Minnesota Legislature and was signed into law. During the legislative session, $300 million was allocated for cities, counties, and tribes to meet their unique public safety, fire, or emergency management needs.

The local public safety aid can be used for training programs, community engagement, personnel or equipment costs, officer wellness, mental health crisis response, and victim services, but is not limited to these things. The aid will be distributed by the Minnesota Department of Revenue through a formula based off city, county, and tribe population size.