Vitta Pizza’s grand opening at Central Entrance location

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Vitta Pizza’s location on Central Entrance have their grand opening Friday, November 18th. The menu and style is still the same down in Canal Park, but at central entrance you have the option of using the drive-up window. When you order your wood-fired pizza online, you are able to pick up your pizza right at the drive-up window.

Christie Erickson, one of the owners of Vitta pizza said she is grateful for the local support.

“We’re excited to introduce the pizza to a new people, people that have never been to Vitta pizza in Canal park before. I think once they taste woodfired Neapolitan pizza, they’ll never go back.” Erickson said.

The grand hours for Vitta Pizza Friday is between 11am through 6pm. Those are their hours through next Sunday, before changing to their normal hours from 11am-9pm. However, Vitta Pizza will not be open for Thanksgiving.

“Neapolitan style is the way pizza was intended. It was the way it was made back in the 1800s. Back in Naples, Italy, it cooks in a wood fired oven. The oven cooks up to a thousand degrees with real wood electricity. Once a pizza is in the oven, it cooks in as little as 97 seconds because a pizza oven is so hot and then it comes out.” Erickson said.

For more information about Neapolitan pizza you can look on their website

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