Vitta Pizza celebrates National Pizza Month

Vitta Pizza celebrates National Pizza Month

Vitta Pizza is one of the only Neapolitan pizza restaurants in the Duluth area with two locations, one in canal and one on Central entrance.

October is National Pizza Month and Vitta Pizza is still celebrating strong.

“We love pizza so we love that there’s a whole month to celebrate it,” says Central Entrance General Manager Alina Ozwald.

Vitta Pizza started off small in 2011 with a lot of people who didn’t know what Neapolitan pizza was. “[It] just means pizza that is made the exactly the same way as it was in Naples when it was first invented,” says Alina.

The main thing that separates Vitta Pizza from other pizza places is that they cook all their pizzas in their wood fire stoves. Even having a special flour and dough to withstand the heat of the stove.

Oswald says, “just over the years we’ve just grown and grown. And now it’s kind of grown into a spot where you’ve got to stop when your in Duluth.”