Upcycling with Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini

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Carli Vergamini-Dudzik registered her business Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini back in 2011, and has been keeping upcycled fashion stylish for around 12 years now.

“I like to call myself an upcycler extraordinaire”, says Carli, “I design and sell jewelry, accessories, clothing, and [they’re] mostly made from discarded materials or upcycling ugly stuff into something cool and wearable.”

Carli says creativity and interest in fashion sprked at a young age. “I’ve always been a creative kid. And in high school, my best friend and I started our own little clothing line and just started selling stuff to friends and teachers.”

From there she turned her passion for fashion into a career after graduating from college with a degree for fashion design. “I was looking for like a big girl job, I still just wanted like a creative outlet making stuff for myself and for friends, and it just kind of snowballed from there.”

You can check out all of Carli’s items on her website here.