‘The Wolf’s Trail’ gets selected for One Book Northland

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“The Wolf’s Trail: an Ojibwe story told by wolves” by Thomas Peacock has recently been selected for One Book Northland.

The book adapts Ojibwe folktales and has wolves playing certain Ojibwe characters.

Thomas says, “Well, I purposefully decided to do a fictional story where I could teach a little bit about Ojibwe history and culture and part of our value system in a fictional kind of format. So historically, it’s accurate. Culturally it’s accurate. But of course, the rest is completely made up because as far as I know, wolves don’t speak English.”

And he’s excited that a story that features Ojibwe culture is being recognized in this way

“Well, I’m pretty excited about it. I knew that it was going to be popular because I know that people who read books like stories with animal characters, and I knew that it was going to appeal to people who are environmentalists. And then people who like wolves. And just about everybody likes wolves.”