Superior School District parents want more snow days

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This week’s winter storm resulted in many students not being able to get to school because the bus route was canceled. Many parents at Four Corners Elementary were planning on sending their kids to school like normal.

On Tuesday evening, we noticed that we were still having school. And then Wednesday morning, we were ready for school, going to wait for the bus,” said parent Jenny Rose. “And we just didn’t have transportation, and we didn’t have bussing for our route. Some of the kids did. We didn’t.”

Rose says she was notified at 7:15 a.m., fifteen minutes after she brought her kids to the bus stop. 

“It was very short notice with not really much notification,” said Rose. “No notification if our children would have transportation, home, which the majority of us here at Four Corners depend on.”

Last-minute arrangements had to be made, resulting in Rose missing part of work. She later found out that the route was canceled because the driver was stuck in her own driveway. None of the parents present at Thursday’s PTA meeting placed blame on the driver. 

“Our bus drivers are amazing and they work in some really difficult situations right now,” said Rose. “We appreciate them. I hope everyone appreciates them as much as we do.”

Plowing was a part of the problem as portions of the bus routes were not cleared in time.

“I learned for us that our township didn’t know where to plow, so they didn’t know where the routes were nor the timing of them,” explained Rose. “So it really created some hazardous situations for our bus drivers and then for our kids.”

Parent Brianna Hagen is one of several who believes that Superior School District needs more snow days.

“We only have two. Two snow days and then one virtual day,” said Hagen. 

Rose forwarded the following email to WDIO and said it was sent to parents from the Superior School District on Tuesday night:

Good evening,

As you see we are experiencing more snowfall this evening into tomorrow.  We know school closings are a hardship on families who need to work during the day.  Additionally, we hear from families how challenging online learning is during virtual snow days. We do not want to use this option unless absolutely necessary.  Our last school closure was based on unique challenges (multiple days of snow accumulation, blizzard/windy conditions, downed trees and power lines on our county roads).

Our goal is to keep school open. At times some roads may not be passable for a bus and it may not be known until the driver gets to the road.  If it is determined that a road is not passable the parents will be notified as soon as possible.  You can anticipate delays due to road conditions. If more then 30 minutes our goal is to notify parents.  If your student isn’t riding as normal and they live in the county, informing transportation is critical during these times.  If you feel your road is unsafe, informing transportation would be very helpful. 715-394-8706.

A REMINDER: We understand that conditions throughout Douglas County may vary widely due to lake effect, plow availability, wind speeds and drifting snow, and underlying road conditions. Therefore, we encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child. You are always the best judge of their health and safety. You may always excuse your child’s absence for weather reasons and keep your child home for the day.

Thank you.