Spring Gardening Extravaganza at the Depot

The St. Louis County Depot hosted the annual Spring Gardening Extravaganza Saturday, March 16.

The theme of this year’s event was “Color Your World”.

Attendees had the chance to learn about the impact of colors in their vegetable garden, how to grow, and how to prepare what they grow so it tastes great.

Horticulturist Bob Olen said the event just seems to get bigger every year.

“Our demographic is across the board,” explained Olen. “Just about everybody loves the garden. We’ve got people that are in their eighties and they come and join us. They’ve been gardening their entire lives. And, we’ve got a new generation that is embracing this and concern for the environment, concern for their own health and what they can do with this wonderful hobby to really enhance both their own well-being”

The next county event will be the Spring Gardening Spectacular on March 28.

That event will be held at the Mountain Iron Community Center and will be themed “Grow your Gardening Knowledge”.

More information on registration can be found here.