Sisu + Löyly Nordic Sauna offering relaxing experiences in Grand Marais

Cold plunge and sauna on the Shore

Sisu + Loyly in Grand Marais for the Nordic sauna experience.

The Sisu + Löyly Nordic Sauna in Grand Marais prides itself on being a relaxing sauna experience, but one with a gorgeous view.

“Saunas are taking things to the next level when appreciated in a beautiful natural setting,” says Owner Katie Usem, “and so I wanted to build a high quality sauna and I wanted to do it in a place that was inspiring.”

The Sisu + Löyly flagship location is in downtown Grand Marais, MN. The floating sauna is docked at Skyport Lodge during open water season. Plus there’s also a mobile sauna that can be delivered to your home, cabin, rental property or business. All sauna sessions are by appointment only. To set one up you can visit their website here.

You can also do a cold plunge… running into Lake Superior after heating up in the sauna. That’s said to give you some added health benefits.

Usem says, “So yes it is jarring, but that’s quickly replaced with the endorphins and the burst of energy that you get. And the combination of that and repeating it, is where that feeling that lasts more than a few minutes. You know that will be with you for the rest of the day even into the next morning.”