Sheriff investigates missing funds in Gordon Volunteer Committee

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating alleged missing funds within Gordon’s Good Neighbor Days Volunteer Committee.

Members of the group had contacted the office with discrepancies after the 2022 event, as well as for theft or missing funds from the 2021 event. The committee knew that some of the numbers were wrong, after hearing total from the city.

This prompted an official investigation, and the office began obtaining financial documents by subpoena. 

They noticed something from Gordon-Wascott Transfer Station the office believed needed immediate attention, as it involved a town board member.

A search warrant was served at the Gordon-Wascott Transfer Station on February 21. Documents and evidence were collected. 

Another search warrant, planned prior to the Transfer Station issue, was served at the Gordon Town Hall on Friday February 24.  Additional documents and items were collected.

The Sheriff’s Office has been in constant contact with the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office during the course of the investigation. 

No other law enforcement agencies are involved right now. The Sheriff’s Office is not accepting public comment at this time.