Putting Our Kids First

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Childcare, it’s a topic on many families’ minds. Services in the Twin Ports are scarce, and they are expensive. But there is a new effort to help solve some of these stressors, Project Growth. The City of Superior received the Project Growth Grant to give better access to child care and facilities in the area.

“It’s not just about parents any longer struggling to find care and feeling like they have to take that burden on alone. The City of Superior is stepping up and saying, we want to help solve that problem,” says Emilie Amundson the Secretary of the Department of Children and Families.

Secretary Amundson met with the City of Superior to discuss the Project Growth grant and ways to best maximize it.  The City of Superior was one community of several in the State of Wisconsin to receive the Project Growth Grant through an application process. This grant will allow the City of Superior to make improvements to increase and improve access to child care facilities. The task force responsible for the grant and its disbursement is made up of a diverse group of leaders and members of the community.  

“It’s accessibility. I think its cost. I think there’s so many barriers already and the barriers for child care are there. And that just exacerbates the barriers. So through this program, we’re able to add funding in and help these communities,” says Becky Scherf the Chief of Staff to the Mayor’s Office in Wisconsin.

Child care is a broad topic that covers a wide spectrum of professionals, institutions, contexts, activities, and social and cultural conventions. Through the Project Growth Grant there is hope towards the future of childcare and its accessibility for parents everywhere.