Performance of ’12 Angry Jurors’ aims to bring insight into jury duty

To showcase the importance of jury duty, The 6th district court and other city workers took to the stage to perform the play “12 Angry Jurors” at AICHO, Saturday.

The show follows 12 jurors who have to come to a decision for the murder trial of a 19-year-old man. Following their decision process as they processes the events that were brought to them during the trial.

The show gives insight into what it may look like if you were chosen for jury duty. And the importance on perspectives.

Judge Jill Eichenwald says, “”Everyone comes from a different place, and they then bring the knowledge that they have because of their experiences into deliberations to help explain things. And sometimes change the perspectives of other jurors who didn’t realize something.”

They cast of the reader’s theater production had fun diving into something out of the box too.

Human Rights Officer Carl Crawford says,  “[It’s] Just a really great opportunity for folks to come together and really talk about the modern day challenges about [juries] and jury selection that we face in our community.”