Nursing Healthcare Expo 2023

The 2023 Nursing and Healthcare Expo hosted by the Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College provided current and aspiring nursing students as well as community members with an opportunity to see what it’s like to work in healthcare.

During the Expo, students and community members came together to learn about the wide range of exciting healthcare careers, agencies, and employment opportunities.

“There is a high demand for healthcare workers in our community. This event brings employers, education programs, and community-based services together in one place for career exploration and networking.” Andrea Simek, Dean of Nursing and Health Science. 

Booths at the expo were hosted by a diverse group of organizations spanning the healthcare industry.

“We have home care assisted living treatment facilities, public health, nursing, Minnesota Department of Health, as well as multiple hospitals from our region that are here to share their opportunities,” said Simek. “So I think it’s good for students to learn about what some of those opportunities might be.”

Students at the expo were given the opportunity to rub shoulders with one another, and to share stories.

“I remember going home after my first shift and I just felt kind of satisfied,” said nursing student Alex Switzer. “Because I made, you know, a difference in people’s lives. And to me that was big.”

Switzer and his fellow classmates gave tours of working labs and equipment to visiting high school students who may be thinking about a career in healthcare.

“The biggest thing is the mannequin,” said Switzer. “It can talk, it changes heart rate, its O2 saturation and different things. And the students are just baffled by that because it’s a mannequin that will actually talk to you.”

Employers and students attending the expo were very optimistic about their future in nursing, choosing to embrace a positive outlook.

“We have people working just crazy hours just to fulfill staffing quotas,” said Spitzer. “But the more people that we can get into health care that are passionate about it and passionate about helping people, you know, the better it will be.”