Looking for a new hobby? Try the Duluth Superior Camera Club

With only a couple days until the New Year, maybe you’re looking for a new hobby as a New Year’s Resolution. The Duluth Superior Camera Club held a photography exhibition over at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum.

Joni Tauzell, the President of the Duluth Superior Camera Club said anyone of any camera skill level is welcome to join.

“We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the Yellow Jacket Union hall at UWS,” Tauzell said. “Except in January we will be meeting on the last Tuesday of the month the 30th. We meet from 7pm-9pm, come join us and learn as much as you can about photography.”

Anyone who has ever had a question about photography, a photograph you wanted feedback on, or looking for a new hobby with photography, then the DSCC is the place for them.

We have beginner photographers all the way to the experts. There’s people who will critique and judge and help the newer photographers,” Tauzell said. “It’s just so much fun, people learn to take better photographs, and learn which is the greatest.”

DSCC can provide people with an opportunity to improve camera skills, or expand your knowledge. They also provide a forum to share what you have learned or previous experiences.

For more information about future events with the Duluth Superior Camera Club you can read more here. If you are have any photos you are willing to share for Our Life in Pictures you can send them to WDIO News here.