Learning to cope with stress and trauma at the 2023 Resiliency Summit

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Community members gathered at the 2023 Duluth Thrives Resiliency Summit, to hear from experts about causes of trauma, and effective ways to cope with it.

Sponsored by Duluth Thrives and the Junior League of Duluth, the event is a follow up to a 2022 summit focused on adverse childhood experiences. Organizers say those who may benefit most from this training include those who have experienced adversity and trauma, and those working in social and human services, education and healthcare.

“The summit is another see we are planting in the community garden to support growth and knowledge,” said Addie Trettel, a Clinical Social Worker and Junior League Duluth Member. “The vision and hope is to equip people with the knowledge and tools needed to be a positive and caring adult for a young person.”

The event featured two keynote speakers, as well as a discussion panel.

“I’m hopeful that people will take away a little bit more knowledge about how our brains work, and how they’re put together,” said Christine Bright, of the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport, a keynote speaker at the summit. “And how they can use that knowledge to help the young people in their lives, um and to help themselves too.”

Bright, a former coach, addressed the summit on the science of our beliefs, values and biases. She also shared strategies to heal stress and trauma and to override bias.

“Being a member of this community for over 25 years, as a woman of color, to have these positive interactions with each other, people don’t know where to start.”

Those who attended the summit participated in activities designed to allow them to self-assess their own implicit biases, and presenters explained that our biases can have a real effect on those around us.

“To start the conversation, to disrupt and dispel stereotypes of people of color in our community is the first step, and then giving them the framework of how to take action,” said Jebeh Edmunds, founder of Jebeh Consulting, LLC. “That’s a good place to start.”

Organizers of the Resiliency Summit aim to support growth and knowledge, and make us all more positive and caring members of the community.

More information and resources related to dealing with stress and trauma, stratagies to override implicit bias, plus information about scholarships for those in need can be found at www.JuniorLeagueDuluth.org