Learning about men’s fashion with Mainstream

Learning about men’s fashion with Mainstream

The Lift's Kenny Johnson and WDIO Sports Reporter Spencer Pierce learn about different styles of men's clothing.

For 33 years, Mainstream Fashions for Men has been a Downtown Duluth business that has helped fit men throughout the area with the perfect suit.

Ben Mork, Co-Owner of Mainstream has been in the male fashion industry for years. He says, “It’s a long process, I mean when I first started in this industry when I was 19-20 years old, I had no idea what kind of what I was getting myself into.”

But with the guidance of his business partner, Ben is has been able to grow to become the business man that we is today. he says, “Fortunately my business partner Tom did a really great job about telling me ‘hey this is what you need to know about sizing people, asking questions, making sure that they’re things they actually need. And not just throwing out random things.'”

Mainstream offers a wide variety of suits in different colors and different sizes too. Along with the style expertise of Ben, Tom and the Mainstream team.

This month has been busier than ever for the menswear store. Right now they are doing their buy one get one for $1 sale. However this is the last time Mainstream will be holding this sale ever.

Ben explains saying, “Right now in our business, wholesales have gotten outrageous so Tom, my business partner, and I decided that we’d rather continue to offer you the best quality goods at the fairest prices, rather than having to raise prices just to do discounts and deals again. So we are going to keep prices where they are at right now, not go any higher, but then we are just going to do less sales.”