Lakeshore damage concerns with winter storm ahead

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Any other season of the year, a day at Brighton Beach is a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends, however with a storm brewing and waves possibly as high as 10-20 feet, damage to the shoreline is a point of worry for the city

Brighton beach underwent a $3.5 million dollar reconstruction plan as of last year that was dedicated to preserving, protecting and improving Duluth Lakewalk. This was accomplished via supporting the Lakewalk through advocacy, trail cleanup and maintenance, and developing amenities along the popular trail.

However, with the possibility of a storm coming with shoreline damage, how is the city preparing? According to the city, Brighton Beach took some damage earlier this year, and they applied for emergency funding via FEMA and they will be receiving the aid. That aid will go into funding debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the repair replacement, or restoration of disaster-damaged trail shoreline.

Now currently, most of the area is frozen up… so there isn’t much of anything to do, to prepare for the incoming weather.

The city also informed us that they plan on watching and waiting to see how this weather treats Brighton Beach and the shoreline and make assessments after the storm is done and they will ask for additional funding from FEMA if there is further damage.