Great Hall Marketplace at the Depot

Great Hall Market at the Depot

Great Hall Market at the Depot

Not minding the rain on Saturday December, the 16th, folks came out for this year’s Great Hall Marketplace at the Depot.

Over 60 local artists were featured at this year’s event offering a wild variety of original works of art, crafts, specialty foods, and unique artisan goods.

“A lot of the stuff that’s here is very affordable. We have a lot of things that would qualify as stocking stuffer hours. And then we have high quality gifts. So, if you’re looking for that and other special gifts to give somebody, you’re going to find here.”  The Deport Director, Mary Tennis.

Mary say they are always looking to promote and feature more local artists – so if you would like to feature at the next event, you can begin contacting the depot now to secure a spot.