Fundraising efforts are trying to save Northland College

Fundraiser held to try to save Northland College

Community members came together on Friday to try to make a dent in the $12 million Northland College needs to stay open.

Earlier this month, the Northland College Board of Trustees announced that the college may be closing after this school year due to financial issues. The college has until April 3rd to raise $12 million. 

“I can’t believe the number and I can’t believe how long it took for the news to get out,” said alum Cochran. 

As current students, alumni, and other members of the community all work to raise the funds needed to keep Northland College open, a “Save Northland Party” was held on Friday at the Bretting Center in Ashland.  

“Basically in the last five days, we’ve gotten a pouring of donations from the community, from different artists, from all different groups around here. Both food and just kind of other donations. And it’s just been incredible to kind of see the community come together and support a lifeline for the Northwoods.”

Donations poured in as community members enjoyed a silent auction, live music, and family-friendly activities. 

“It’s so, so special. We put the call out last Friday to just like Bayfield and Washburn and then worked our way back over here. So to see everything that we got is wild,” said alum Mandy Lyons. “It’s heartwarming, and I love seeing all the support that comes from our community.”

The $12 million would go towards a transitional year and provide the foundation for a new Northland. If the goal is not met by April 3, Northland College would close after this semester. 

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“I would be transferring for one year, and I’m a sustainable community development major and minoring in the sustainable agriculture and food systems, which means I would have to go out of state to find a school with that combo,” said current student Claire Sunsten. “It’s really stressful, honestly. Like I’m taking tough classes already, and this came out of nowhere. So to have this added onto my plate is not something I was expecting. And it’s really frustrating, honestly.”

To donate or to learn more about Northland College’s fundraising efforts, go to this link.