Flora North Valentine’s Day bouquets, our way

Flora North bouquets, our way

The Lift's Baihly Warfield and Kenny Johnson stopped in at Flora North to create their own flower pallets.

Flora North is back to a busy season of helping people get what the need for Valentines Day.

Located in Lincoln park, you can shop for flowers and plants both in store and online, with local delivery for Duluth.

And while they have so many bouquets for you to choose from, you can also request something special and have them make it for you. Sometimes the Flora North team just gets a theme to follow and they make it happen.

Owner Sarah Bjork says that for them it’s super fun to stretch their creative muscles to help out their customers. If you have any questions you can find more information on their website here.

Baihly and Kenny’s own custom bouquets that they made at Flora North.