Cook County without power from Friday’s winds

With winds of 25-35 mph and significant wind gusts, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office has reported that a power outage affected the entire county. Wind gusts up to 82 mph have been reported, breaking tree branches and causing power outages.

The phone lines are being overwhelmed with the dispatch center handling many emergency calls. The Sheriff’s Office is asking people not to call if their power is out and they are able to get by for a while. For an emergency, you can still call either 218-387-3030 or 911.

Arrowhead Cooperative has reported that some of the power has been restored. As of 8:30 pm, there are still 593 meters without power. The company expects to have power restored within the next two hours.

Meteorologist Sabrina Ullman expects conditions to worsen overnight as winds continue to strengthen. More power outages could occur tonight and Saturday.