Clover Valley Farm Trail is now open for its second season

Clover Valley Farm Trail

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The Clover Valley Farm Trail began its second year on Sunday in Two Harbors. The trail was created by a group of ten community farms within a ten-mile radius.

“Last January when everybody was, you know the one month where we actually get to get together and talk hatched this idea to do this kind of driving, biking trail,” said Cindy Hale, co-owner of Clover Valley Farms.

Hale explained the idea behind the trail was bringing people to the farms where they buy their produce, connecting the community together. Farmers also get to meet one another and learn about different plants and produce their comrades grow.

“It’s created a really great sense of comradery and shared goals amongst all the farmers which has just been wonderful, it’s been just awesome.”

Farmers have the opportunity to sell their products including produce, plants, baked goods, handmade items, and more. The trail will take place every Sunday from May 26 until the end of September from 12pm to 5pm.

Each stand is run differently. Some stands are constantly manned by a worker, and sometimes will have demonstrations, others are self-service, meaning customers get to choose their produce and pay without the help of a worker.

Hale recommends customers bring cash in small bills, Venmo, or a checkbook for payment methods.

For more information on which farms are involved, and locations, go to