City of Duluth to remove trees, preparing to restore Brighton Beach shoreline and more

In preparation for upcoming projects, the City of Duluth will be removing some trees through the month. This is in addition to the ash trees being removed from boulevards as part of the city’s Emerald Ash Borer management plan.

Approximately 100 trees will be removed at Kitchi Gammi Park and Brighton Beach. This will allow them to repair the storm damaged shoreline road, begin shoreline stabilization, and add new park amenities. 75 Scotch Pine, 20 various species, and five dead trees will be removed. The city will plan new native and climate adapted trees through the park.

They hope that relocating the road further inland will allow the city to restore a more natural Lake Superior shoreline and that it will become more resilient in the face of increasingly frequent and intense storms.

Additionally, several trees will be removed at Enger Park Golf Course. Crews are preparing for the upcoming construction of a new, larger capacity, irrigation water storage pond.

As we move into spring, the removal of dead and dying boulevard ash trees has also resumed. As the trees ail, they become brittle and require removal for safety reasons. A one-to-one planting-to-removal ratio continues to be a part of the city’s EAB management plan.