CHUM is seeking donations from the community to help pour back into our community

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If you have been in the grocery stores lately, you have probably seen their shelves stocked with food, and maybe sometimes they could be out of stock of an item. Well, a Northland food shelf is one having trouble keeping its shelves stocked.

The people at the Chum food shelf are putting out a call to anyone that would like to help them with donations. The food is then poured back into the community for anyone that needs assistance, especially when times continue to be rough with the economy.

“We have seen the need fluctuate, but it’s always been one or two items. We’re at a point now where there’s multiple items and multiple things that we need on a daily basis that we’re just not seeing,” said Scott Van Daele, The Director of Distributive Services at CHUM.

If you would like to make a donation to CHUM, they are open for donations Monday-Friday; 9am to 12pm, 12:30pm at the latest. Donations can also be given online as well.

Some staple items that might be in your homes are some of the very things that have been difficult for CHUM to receive larger amounts of and more.

“It seems to have hit sort of a point right now where it’s not a few items, it’s more than a few, and it’s all normal shelf stable stuff, Van Daele mentioned. Its cereal, its peanut butter, and canned condensed milk are things that we all sort of have taken for granted. And we all sort of stockpile in our pantries on a daily basis just in case we’re in need.”

Van dale shared how the economy and inflation have been for a while; getting as much as you could before just doesn’t go the same way anymore. “In the old days, we could get a thousand jars of peanut butter for $1,000. Right now, we can get 500 jars, $4,000, and that’ll last us two and a half weeks rather than an entire month.”

CHUM gives away 200 hundred boxes a week, and depending on the boxes…it can be 800 to 1,000 a month